the à la carte menu




The 42 months aged Culatello “Gran Riserva Spigaroli” – € 46
(King Charles III)

The podium of Culatelli of traditional swine aged 18, 27 and 37 months € 40

The garden’s vegetables tartare served with a Parma extra-virgin olive oil vinaigrette, Mustard and buttermilk – € 32

 The Po river sturgeon’s terrine, its caviar with a mince of celery, green apples and basil € 48

The white beef tartare with a hazelnut mayonnaise and small pickled vegetables of our garden – € 38





The chicken ravioli cooked in a bladder with a 12-year-old Parmigiano fondue, and grated Culatello – € 32
(Alain Ducasse)

The creamy Carnaroli risotto with “Caseificio Borgonovo” Cacio del Po cheese, greens of the garden and lemon browned sweetbreads – € 32

The traditional Parma style “Tortelli” stuffed with ricotta and spinach with butter from red cows – € 28
(George Clooney)

The vegetable’s gnocchis on white courgette sauce, its flowers and caciotta cheese petals from Urzano – € 28

The soft Parmigiano-Reggiano dumplings “Soffici” in Fidentina’s hen stock under a puff pastry crust – € 28
(In memory of the friend Gualtiero Marchesi)





The white shell poached egg on a sweet potatoes pureè , zucchini and roots – € 34
(Alice Waters)

The roasted pike-perch, soft lean lard on braised lattuce sauce, oregan pesto and helichrysum € 40

The golden frog legs, sweet garlic and parsley on a sweet potato sauce with hints of saffron € 34
(Anthony Bourdain)





The two ways of the quail, the leg in a crust and the rosé breast with a paté of its giblets, Marsala wine and almond in different textures – € 42

The bitter herbs Royal, “Capris” blue cheese, celery roots and sour sprouts – € 36

The Nero Spigaroli piglet with its crispy skin, prawns and little green sprouts – € 40
(Robert De Niro)

The guinea fowl covered with Culatello cooked in the Po river clay served with glazed vegetables following tradition (family recipe since 1842) – € 82
(min. 2 people)

Our white beef rosé tenderloin, its citrus tripes, the glazed carrot and a garden’s mesticanza with rasperries vinegar – € 42





The local cheese selection, from Parmigiano Reggiano to cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk cheese

€ 24





The goat’s cremeux with a strawberry sorbet quenelle, its juice and lemon meringue – € 18

Vanilla caramelized apple millefeuille with linden honey and rosemary ice cream – € 18

Rhubarb with its infuse, lime and our mint sorbet – € 18

The chocolate feulletine with hazelnut cream, 72% cocoa sable biscuit and black pepper ice cream – € 18

Filled pear and sabayon, according to my mother’s recipe with ice cream (100 years old recipe) – € 40
(Minimum 2 persons)



…since I was a small child I dreamt of becoming a chef!
For me there was no other choice…
Then when I was eighteen, I had another dream: to produce everything I cooked.
The castle where my father was born would be the perfect setting
to merge culture with hospitality…
and this dream came true when we bought the castle when I was thirty years old.
After twenty years, the renovations are now complete.
And now almost all my dreams have come true…
The last one that remains is of course the most difficult, the most important…
To create a grand restaurant to showcase what we produce
and the gastronomic culture of my homeland!
Just as I promised my mother…
To work towards my dreams, in silence and with humility.

Massimo Spigaroli
Written in San Francisco on 22 of January 2010, overlooking the bay


Six years later I take the pen again! Several times I have held back …
but today the Antica Corte Pallavicina attracts guests from around the world that comes here to visit our Small World!
A farm that maintains, with its ancient knowledge, a territory where each animal breed or plant variety is preserved.
An archaic system, always defended by our family, a difficult path! Sometimes it seems impossible!
But in those moment I think what my kitchen would be without those products which are so important …
A kitchen that I would define “Gastro-fluvial” that helps not to lose the identity of my territory.

Massimo Spigaroli
Written on the evening of July 14th 2016 in the northern tower of Antica Corte Pallavicina, this time in Polesine